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This auction was established by Toriaina Incorporated, a specialty trader in cameras, brand bags, watches, diamonds, stamps, and other items. We aim to reinvigorate the secondhand camera world by using the experience we have gained through buying and selling and through the connections we've built over many years participating in secondhand markets. We take care to protect personal information, and are professionals at ensuring a fairly priced, open market auction.


Auction organizer

Company Name Toriaina Incorporated
Department Vintage Camera Auction
Business Description Auctions, dispatch purchases, mail purchases, retail sales/purchasing
Address The SOHO 308, 2-7-4 Aomi,
Koto-ku, Tokyo
Seconhand Dealer Permit Tokyo Public Safety Commission Permit #305511104562

Corporate Customers & Camera Sales Outlet Customers Only

We make bulk purchases of clearance goods

  • Any maker
  • Any manufacturing year
  • Defective items OK

Businesses with excess stock and companies experiencing cash flow struggles:VCA makes bulk purchases in cash. Please feel free to consult with us.

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