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Camera Inventory Purchases for Corporate Customers

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Defective Items OK

Solving your inventory concerns with a bulk purchase

Items too expensive to fix but too expensive to throw away

No familiarity with items for auction

Inventory taking up space in a warehouse or shop

I wish I could get rid of a lot of inventory in one transaction

I want to turn my stock cameras into cash ASAP

At Vintage Camera Auction, we offer a special bulk inventory camera purchasing service for corporate customers. Regardless of maker or manufacturing year! As long as there are no functionality problems, we are more than happy to purchase cameras, even if they are damaged (a lot or a little). Inspection is of course free! If you have a camera you're having trouble getting rid of, please feel free to contact us.

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Customers Voice

Feedback from customers who have used our inventory purchasing service

I didn't know much about the internet, so the bulk purchase was a help.

Tokyo, Taito ward, Independent Store, Mr. S

I run a camera store in a small shopping area, and I had a lot of inventory that had accumulated over the years. I thought I might be able to sell everything for a high price at an auction, but I didn't know how to navigate online auction services, and in the end my items just sat around collecting dust. I happened to find this site and sent along a request. They purchased about 50 old cameras from me in one bulk purchase. The person who came to inspect everything was great and knew a lot about cameras; I was so relieved to be able to sell!

Happy about the inspection fee! The inspector knew a lot about cameras and was wonderful!

Gunmma Prefecture, Mr. S Volume Seller Mr. K

We do an end-of-the-year sale each year to try get rid of as much of our inventory as possible, but the home electronics industry moves so quickly, and new items come out faster and faster. We were worried about what to do with a lot of cameras we had hanging around that had zero functionality and no place to go. Then, we found out about Vintage Camera Auction. They were very knowlegable about camera values and markets, and despite there being no inspection fee, we felt they did a really great job. We hope to use them again!

Vintage Camera Auction
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Inventory purchasing service flow


Inquire by email or via phone

Customers inquiring about inspections for bulk purchases: a representative from our company will contact you via phone. Please be prepared to share details about the items and quanity you are interested in having inspected and purchased. Following this, an appointment date will be set.


Staff will conduct the inspection

The prepared items will be carefully reviewed. Our company inspectors have a thorough knowledge of market values and will determine purchase prices based on market prices.


After inspection: purchase price and payment

Provided the customer agrees to the purchasing price, payment will be provided in cash at that time. If desired, customers may also receive the money via bank transfer.

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