VCA collects an administrative handling fee when new members sign up (a registration fee). Following this, there is no regular membership fee. The only additional costs are auction participation fees and contract handling fees (when selling and buying). The service can be used only when necessary; there are no extra fees. Members can also be assured that the contract handling fees are set at a rate lower than general online auction fees.

Registration Fee

¥30,000(tax included)

Participation Fee

1 time ¥3,000(tax included) × of people

Contract Handling Fee

Seller 5%(Tax not included)Buyer 5%(Tax not included)

Shipping fees are the responsibility of the applicant. Packing items (such as cardboard boxes for sending and receiving items) are to be prepared by the customer. If packing materials are not removed from the auction location, a disposal fee may be charged. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

Corporate Customers & Camera Sales Outlet Customers Only

We make bulk purchases of clearance goods

  • Any maker
  • Any manufacturing year
  • Defective items OK

Businesses with excess stock and companies experiencing cash flow struggles:VCA makes bulk purchases in cash. Please feel free to consult with us.

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