AdmissionMembership Flow

To conduct this auction in a safe, secure manner, it operates on a members only system. Participation as an observer is permitted only once. Visitors are not allowed to participate.
There is a membership registration screening, and registration may take several days to complete. We appreciate your understanding. As it takes several days before intial information can be provided to new members, please apply with adequate time in advance. This page will describe the steps from membership registration to entry to auction.


Notes Regarding Registration

Membership eligibility is restricted only to individuals who have a secondhand dealer permit with "vending" indicated. The auction is not open to the general public. Individuals with prior offenses relating to the exhibition and/or sale of stolen items and individuals who submit false information at the time of membership registration will be refused entry. We appreciate your understanding. Additionally, as there is a membership screening process, applications submitted on a date close to an upcoming auction may not be completed in time to participate. If you would like to apply for membership, we ask that you please ensure adequate time in advance for entry procedures.

Admission Step

Steps to membership


Membership Registration Application

Please carefully review the membership contract from this site. Following approval, please send your application via web or fax.


Entry Screening

Our company will conduct a registration screening process by reviewing the submitted documentss. After approximately one week, screening results will be provided by either email or phone. No reason will be provided for individuals who do not pass the screening process. We appreciate your understanding.


Payment of Membership Registration Fee

For individuals who pass the membership screening, guidance regarding transfer of the membership fee will be provided by our company's operations department. (Registration Fee: 30,000 yen, tax included)
This is a one-time fee; there are no monthly membership fees. When the transfer has been confirmed, registration will be complete.

Corporate Customers & Camera Sales Outlet Customers Only

We make bulk purchases of clearance goods

  • Any maker
  • Any manufacturing year
  • Defective items OK

Businesses with excess stock and companies experiencing cash flow struggles:VCA makes bulk purchases in cash. Please feel free to consult with us.

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