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To conduct this auction in a safe, secure manner, it operates on a members only system. Participation as an observer is permitted only once. Visitors are not allowed to participate.
There is a membership registration screening, and registration may take several days to complete. We appreciate your understanding. As it takes several days before initial information can be provided to new members, please apply with adequate time in advance. This page will describe the steps from membership registration to entry to auction.


Auction Schedule

Second Friday of each month (10 a.m. - close)

Auctions are held on the second Friday of each month.
Details of the schedule are as follows.

Operational Regulations

Four points

4 Key Points for Buyers


The largest number of cameras exhibited in Japan

There are few camera-specialized auction marketplaces. At Vintage Camera Auction, items exhibited for the first time are gathered from across the country. Cameras can be supplied in bulk and can be exhibited in bulk.


Beginners Feel at Ease

To make first-time participants feel at ease, use of jargon or hand gestures is strictly prohibited. If there is anything you do not understand, please inquire with the auction staff. We would be happy to address any issues you may have.


Flat rate 5% Handling Fee

The handling fee is a flat rate of 5% for buyers and sellers.
There are some auctions with 15% handling fees; our rate is comparatively inexpensive.


Check Items at Presale Exhibitions

A presale exhibition is held over the two days prior to the auction event. Participants can determine the items that will be exhibited, and can check their specifications and condition(s) prior to the auction event. Please find details about the presale exhibition here.


Flow: From auction to settlement to shipping


Become a Member

This auction operates on a membership system. Even if participating in only the presale exhibition, we request that you register. To become a member, a secondhand dealer permit is required. At the time of entry, a screening will be conducted; this will take several days. Individuals awaiting screening results may participate as observers.


Guidance and Reception

Auctions are held on the second Friday of each month; presale exhibitions are held on the two days prior. As there may be changes to the location and schedule of the auction event, guidance is provided each month. If any changes occur, the information will be made available on the homepage.


Presale Exhibition

A list of items for exhibition will be provided at the presale exhibition. The presale exhibition is held over two days, but all items will be exhibited on the first day. The same items will be exhibited on both days, so please participate on whichever date best suits your schedule. Entering or leaving the presale exhibition during the time allotted is allowed.



A list of items for exhibition will be provided at the presale exhibition and on the day of the auction for those individuals who have applied for the auction. The auction will proceed in the order of the list. Entering or leaving the auction during the event is allowed, so participants may join in only for items which are of interest.


Settling Payments

Payments for the auction are to be made in cash on the day of the auction or are to be completed on a day following the auction via bank transfer. If paying via bank transfer, the item will be sent following confirmation of receipt of funds.


Shipment of Item

Items will be shipped within one week of auction closing. Shipping fees and insurance fees are the responsibility of the customer. An explanation will be provided at the time of payment settlement.



Can beginners also participate?

A. Yes. Even if you are a beginner, as long as "vending" is on your secondhand dealer permit, anyone can register and become a member. Following completion of membership registration procedures, you may participate at any time. Detailed information regarding membership is available here.


Is there a parking lot?

A. Private parking is not available. Please use nearby coin parking.


Can I bring items for exhibition on the day of the auction?

A. We are terribly sorry. To prevent any trouble from arising, any items brought on the day of the auction will be refused. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

Corporate Customers & Camera Sales Outlet Customers Only

We make bulk purchases of clearance goods

  • Any maker
  • Any manufacturing year
  • Defective items OK

Businesses with excess stock and companies experiencing cash flow struggles:VCA makes bulk purchases in cash. Please feel free to consult with us.

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